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The Biggest over weight Losers Season 10 Pictures

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries. It centers on overweight contestants attempting to lose weight to fight for a cash prize. There are different variations of the Biggest Loser around the world. Each country has made its own adaptation to the show; however, the contestants always have the same goal: to lose the highest percentage of weight (or most weight) to become the Biggest Loser. [wikipedia]

In the meantime, American edition of "The Biggest Loser" Season 10 ended the regular season of the reality show, and we are pleased to present a new set of photos of program participants from the winner to less successful
 1. Patrick House

Starting weight: 181 kg
Final weight: 99 kg
Lost: 82 kg, 45.25%

28-year-old salesman from Vicksburg, Missouri, took home a prize of 250,000 dollars. Winner of "The Biggest Loser" this season, Patrick has decided to participate in the show when he came to an end-point of his fortune. He lost his job, was forced to borrow money from relatives to make ends meet. Since then, Patrick has revolutionized my life, having lost 82 kg. Chris Haston / NBC
 2. Alfred "Frady" Dinty

Starting weight: 166 kg
Final weight: 92 kg
Lost: 73 kg, 44.14%

48-year-old seller of futures products from Staten Island, NY, won second place. Frady, the most senior member show this season has helped Patrick to stay in the game, and he took second place. A former Marine has admitted that for him the program "The Biggest Loser", has become something of a "military camp". (NBC
 3. Ada Wong

Starting weight: 117 kg
Final weight: 72 kg
Lost: 44 kg, 38.37%

28-year-old coordinator of the Santa Clara, Calif., took third place. Ada for self-esteem was as important as weight loss. She achieved both goals and was able to heal old family wounds, when she returned home. Ada was in the top three, thanks to the vote, and though not won, but withdrew from the project with an honorable third place and the title of "Ada Terminator." Chris Haston / NBC
 4. Mark Pinhasovich

Starting weight: 190 kg
Final weight: 94 kg
Lost: 96 kg

31-year-old bartender from New Jersey was the winner "in his field." Mark not only beat their rivals and earned 100,000 dollars, but dropped a lot more pounds than the winner of the show, Patrick. However, the road to victory 31-year old bartender was very, very difficult. On the last night on the project, Mark said that he had problems when he first left the show, but some of his friends forced him to return. Chris Haston / NBC
 5. Rick DeRok

Starting weight: 158 kg
Final weight: 83 kg
Lost: 74 kg, 47.14%

Despite the surgeries on the stomach, Rick continued to struggle with excess weight. Since he came to the project, he lost almost two times and decided to found a charity in his native Arkansas to help his countrymen to fight the same problems. (Chris Haston / NBC)
 6. Adam Hurtado

Starting weight: 182 kg
Final weight: 99 kg
Lost: 82 kg, 45.27%

Before get to the show, Adam lost his mother - she died of a heart attack due to complications from diabetes and obesity. He believes that since she became his guardian angel and helped him lose weight. (Chris Haston / NBC)
 7. Jesse Atkins

Starting weight: 167 kg
Final weight: 92 kg
Lost: 75 kg, 44.99%

Previous figure of Jesse called "the fog hanging over the horizon." But it was in the past. After eight weeks on the project, most of the "fog" has dissipated. He achieved his ultimate goal at home. Chris Haston / NBC
 8. Aaron Tompkins

Starting weight: 212 kg
Final weight: 134 kg
Lost: 78 kg, 36.75%

Aaron decided to lose weight and refined, not only for himself but for his three sons in London. Graphic Designer to join the project, becoming the most obese member of the 2010 season, but this fact will never stop. (Chris Haston / NBC)
 9. Lisa Moseley

Starting weight: 130 kg
Final weight: 86 kg
Lost: 44 kg, 33.68%

When the youngest daughter Lisa was hospitalized after she stopped eating, not to be like her mother, Lisa knew it was time to change something. "I'm glad that now I am for her example to be emulated, not terror," - she says. Through participation in the program is to lose weight and learn new diet recipes salads . (Chris Haston / NBC)
 10. Anna Wright

Starting weight: 149 kg
Final weight: 100 kg
Lost: 49 kg, 33.03%

Anna has lost three sons to cancer and then stopped caring for themselves. But for the sake of himself and his remaining son, she decided to participate in reality shows, and even stayed on the project for long, it achieved a significant reduction in weight. NBC
 11. Brendan Donovan

Starting weight: 164 kg
Final weight: 111 kg
Lost: 53 kg, 32.32%

Brendan was the only member of the union members who have not received the main prize. And while a resident of Boston and a lecturer on education has not reached that had hoped for, it's pretty far advanced in achieving the goal of reducing obesity. "I became a man who wanted to and role model for my students." Chris Haston / NBC
 12. Jessica Delfs

Starting weight: 127 kg
Final weight: 86 kg
Lost: 41 kg, 32.62%

After gastric surgery has not helped Jess cope with the problem of obesity, she began looking for other ways to change their lives. On the transfer of "The Biggest Loser", she found everything you need, and this helped her coach, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Chris Haston / NBC
 13. Elizabeth Ruiz

Starting weight: 110 kg
Final weight: 78 kg
Lost: 32 kg, 29.10%

Elizabeth came to the four finalists, but did not pass down the ballot. This result does not disappoint Elizabeth, a nurse by profession, although she agreed that it did not reach the target. "Last night on the project did not become for me a deadline - she explains. - I have a goal, and it's not the end, I'm going to achieve it. " (Chris Haston / NBC
 14. Burgendi Keel

Starting weight: 104 kg
Final weight: 75 kg
Lost: 29 kg, 27.71%

A mother of five children, Burgendi hoping to lose weight after gastric surgery in 2008. As soon as she realized that the operation - is not the answer, she went on the program "The Biggest Loser", to find a new way to lose weight. Chris Haston / NBC
 15. Tina Elliot

Starting weight: 119 kg
Final weight: 86 kg
Lost: 32 kg, 27.38%

Although Tina had fallen from the treadmill the first day on the program, but soon found its footing. Housewife by occupation, Tina, not only picked up his health, but also became a source of inspiration for his daughter, who threw 68 kg, inspired by his mother. Chris Haston / NBC
 16. Sophia Franklin

Starting weight: 123 kg
Final weight: 93 kg
Lost: 29 kg, 23.90%

Social educator and trainer support groups Sofia for years struggled with being overweight, but lost the fight after the death of his brother. On "The Biggest Loser" She came to regain its former shape and become better for their students. Chris Haston / NBC

17. Alley Ishkomer

Starting weight: 146 kg
Final weight: 112 kg
Lost: 33 kg, 22.98%

Ellie is almost his whole life was full, and in 14 years, she even underwent an unsuccessful operation on her stomach. This season, the 22-year-old student became the first, who resigned from the project "The Biggest Loser". (Chris Haston / NBC)